NADA Yoga (Nirvana Shatakam and Brahmananda Swaroopa Chant)

According to modern science, the whole existence is a vibration. A vibration is fundamentally a kind of sound. This essentially means that the whole existence is an amalgamation of sounds. In the yogic system, a few of these sounds have been identified as keys to access deeper dimensions of life.

The Nada Yoga practice uses the power of sound to activate a particular kind of energy in different parts of the body. This science of benefiting from certain sounds is a powerful possibility, which when transmitted with the necessary basis and sanctity, creates tremendous general and spiritual wellbeing.

Nada Yoga offers several benefits:

SInstills a lasting sense of inner pleasantness

Prepares the body for meditative processes and kriyas

Increases mental clarity and stability

Enhances physical health and wellbeing

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Note: Sushanthi Meditation, Chit Shakthi Mediation, Isha Kriya, Balancing Practice (ie.Nadi Suddhi & Mantra Yoga), Bhuta Shuddhi, Jala Neti, Yoga Namaskar can be taught individually as well as to whole family members at your residence.