Sushanti is a way of bringing peace to the body. There are 114 points of energy confluences or chakras in the human system. These chakras are of different qualities and have different impacts on the human system. Among these there are 61 points when touched by awareness can bring a deep sense of peacefulness into your physical self leaving a lasting impact upon your health and wellbeing.

I have been taking regular classes, private classes, group classes, weekend classes, correction classes and corporate classes. Kindly get in touch for further details

Note: Sushanthi Meditation, Chit Shakthi Mediation, Isha Kriya, Balancing Practice (ie.Nadi Suddhi & Mantra Yoga), Bhuta Shuddhi, Jala Neti, Yoga Namaskar can be taught individually as well as to whole family members at your residence.